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How do you perform the test yourself?

As the article on the website how to write a leadership essay tells us, before proceeding with the writing of the test work, it is necessary:

- Learn the literature and choose the right material. As an example, you can download a work on a similar topic in the section of finished test works and on its basis perform its own.

- Arrange all information in logical sequence.
Make a job according to your institution's requirements, or standard formatting.

- For testing purposes, as for all student scientific works, the following are considered common parameters: Times New Roman font with size 14, line spacing of 1.5 and standard fields of the Word editor, with text aligned to the width of the screen.

If these parameters are observed, the volume of the finished work should be about 10-12 pages of printed text. When executed in a manuscript manner, the volume is doubled, i.e. not less than 20-24 pages.

On the title page of the control work records are made about: the name of the institution, the name of the discipline, the full name of the student, and also the faculty, course, group, student's record number, date and signature of the student. After the title page there is a content with numbering of questions and pages.

When writing the main part, the question itself is first completely written down, and then the answer to it, while always following the order of the questions and tasks. It is advisable to use tables, figures, diagrams, graphs, schemes, etc. in the work.

If the control work contains tasks, then first they give their condition, and then a solution with mandatory decoding of the formulas and commenting on the results.

At the end of the test work, a list of references is given. The next page remains empty, on it the teacher leaves a review, a note on the completion or approval of the work. For nonresident students, the mandatory requirement is to specify the full home address on the last page, to be able to return work by mail.
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Independent testing works

What is the essence of the control?

Control for a student is an independently performed job for a specific task within a discipline. Most often it is provided for students to follow. From the position of the learning process, the control work carries out the function of the current knowledge control.

The structure of the control work usually consists of a couple of questions, including different sections of the discipline being mastered. The requirements for such work imply a concise and clear answer to the tasks assigned. Depending on the subject of the test, it can be theoretical or practical (additional tasks or practical tasks may be present).

Implementation of theoretical test work does not cause any special difficulties for students. To write it, you do not need to have an excellent baggage of knowledge, since it is of a abstract nature, and, in fact, includes text extracts from literary sources without any conclusions or conclusions. You can download the approximate work on our website. A small adjustment, and quality work in your pocket, and most importantly completely free.

In the design of the control there is nothing inconvenient. Unlike more extensive scientific work for control, it is not necessary to link to sources. Strict rules of formatting almost no one teacher also does not show. On what, in most cases, attention is focused, so it is on the literate, correctly structured consistent content of the work itself.
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